Invited speakers

Yoichi Ando (Osaka University)
“Unusual quantum magnetotransport in a topological insulator Bi(1-x)Sb(x)”

Eva Y. Andrei (Rutgers University)
“Probing Dirac fermions in graphene: from Landau level quantization to fractional quantum Hall effect”

Kamran Behnia (CNRS-UPR5)
“Phase diagram of bismuth in the extreme quantum limit”

Alexander Brinkman (University of Twente)
“Parallel electron-hole bilayer conductivity and magnetic effects at electronically reconstructed oxide interfaces”

Xi Chen (Tsinghua University)
“STM study of topological insulators grown by MBE”

Oliver Dial (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Signatures of composite Fermions in the tunneling spectrum of a 2D electron gas”

Laurence Eaves (University of Nottingham)
“The electronic energy levels, wavefunctions and potential landscape of nanostructures probed by magneto-tunneling spectroscopy”

Clément Faugeras (LNCMI-CNRS)
“Elementary excitations in graphite and graphene: Magneto-Raman studies”

Ben Feldman (Harvard University)
“Electronic transport and compressibility measurements of correlated states in suspended bilayer graphene”

Phillip N. First (Georgia Institute of Technology)
“Spectroscopy and mapping of Landau levels in graphene”

Joshua A. Folk (University of British Columbia)
“Spin-resolved quantum interference in graphene”

Alex Greilich (Naval Research Laboratory)
“Ultrafast optical rotations of electron spins in quantum dots”

Katsushi Hashimoto (Tohoku University)
“Real-space observation of quantum Hall transition”

Yasuhiro Hatsugai (University of Tsukuba)
“Topological aspect of graphene physics”

Erik A. Henriksen (California Institute of Technology)
“Measurement of the electronic compressibility of bilayer graphene”

Harold Y. Hwang (University of Tokyo)
“Low-Dimensional Superconductivity in SrTiO3 Heterostructures”

Masashi Kawasaki (Tohoku University)
“Fractional quantum Hall effect at the (MgZn)O/ZnO interfaces”

Philip Kim (Columbia University)
“Electron interactions in graphene at high magnetic fields”

Mikito Koshino (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Landau-level structure and orbital diamagnetism of multilayer graphenes”

Piotr Kossacki (University of Warsaw)
“Optical manipulation of a single Mn spin in a CdTe-based quantum dot”

Igor V. Kukushkin (Max Planck Institute)
“Dispersion of collective excitations of the fractional quantum Hall states”

Lu Li (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Phase transitions of Dirac electrons in bismuth”

Allan H. MacDonald (University of Texas at Austin)
“Quantum Hall effects in graphene and graphene bilayers”

Edward McCann (Lancaster University)
“Weak localisation and spin-orbit coupling in graphene”

Laurens W. Molenkamp (Würzburg University)
“Dirac fermions in HgTe quantum wells”

Shuichi Murakami (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Edge-state transport in two-dimensional topological insulators”

Janice L. Musfeldt (University of Tennessee)
“Optical properties of iron oxides: the new iron age”

Milan Orlita (CNRS)
“Magneto-optical spectroscopy of Dirac fermions in graphene-based systems”

Wei Pan (Sandia National Laboratories)
“Highly correlated electronic states in wide quantum wells and high Landau levels”

Stephan Reitzenstein (Würzburg University)
“Magneto-optical cavity quantum electrodynamics effects in quantum dot-micropillar systems”

Patrice Roche (CEA Saclay)
“Coherence length in the integer quantum Hall regime”

Naokazu Shibata (Tohoku University)
“DMRG study of fractional quantum Hall effect and valley skyrmions in graphene”

Dmitry Smirnov (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee)
“Low frequency, high temperature operation of THz quantum cascade lasers”

Naoya Tajima (RIKEN)
“Spin- and valley-splittings in multi-layer massless Dirac fermion system”

Seigo Tarucha (University of Tokyo)
“Magnetic-field control of electron and nuclear spins in quantum dots”

Robert L. Willett (Alcatel-Lucent)
“Alternation and interchange of e/4 and e/2 period interference oscillations as evidence for filling factor 5/2 non-Abelian quasiparticles”

Michael Zudov (University of Minnesota)
“Emergent nonlinear transport phenomena in very high Landau levels”

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